Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an Advisor?

Advisors are professionals with regional knowledge and expertise who can provide strategic insight and advice to Clients through the MENA Council platform.

How are Advisors verified?

MENA Council relies on recommendations and makes other enquiries based on information provided during the application process. Advisors may also link their social media accounts to their profiles so that members may view them as well.

Why do Advisors advertise a Rate per Minute?

All Advisors advertise a rate per minute on their profiles. This makes sense when arranging teleconference calls that last an average of 45min. However, hourly rates are used for premium client services such as reports, meetings or surveys.

How do I set my Rate Per Minute?

Advisors select a rate per minute when setting up a profile and is based on their hourly rate. MENA Council will subtract 19% from your rate upon payment. For example, if an Advisor charges $500/hour and has a one-hour call, the Advisor will receive $405.

What are the costs?

All costs are included in the Advisor’s Rate Per Minute. This includes:

  • Cost of teleconference connection if using the local dial-in numbers provided. If you call in to a local number there are no additional costs to you. However, if you dial a long distance number you will be charged the appropriate connection fees by your carrier.
  • 19% MENA Council processing fee.

How Do I Pay?

Members pay for their calls using Mastercard of Visa based on scheduled length of the call. This initial amount is charged once the call request has been accepted. Once a call is complete we charge the remaining amount or refund the difference depending on the final length of the call.

Premium Clients are invoiced monthly for all interactions.

What happens if a potential Client contacts me via LinkedIn or Facebook?

It is your choice whether to reply to requests received outside the site, but we are unable to filter requests, protect your contact details, or process payments.

By redirecting them to MENA Council you can allow the clients to access you through a secure and controlled platform.

Can I connect to Advisors away from the site?

Advisors join MENA Council to offer advice in a secure andcontrolled environment. They use the site to separate advisory calls from other aspects of their professional activities. If you try to connect to Advisors via other social or professional sites you may find that they do not respond.

Why can’t I find an Expert with the right background?

If you are unable to find an Expert with the right background please Contact Us and we will be happy to assist.

Why do we need your telephone number?

We require a telephone number for Advisors as part of our verification process. Once you have been accepted as an Advisor we may use this number to contact you regarding specific opportunities with Premium Clients. Your telephone number will not be made available on the site or available to other members.

How do I connect for my call?

Once a call request has been accepted both parties will receive a one off pin code. Each party should choose a dial-in number from the list provided. Depending upon the country, there are toll and toll free numbers available. To connect to the call, Dial the number and input the pin code provide.

How long is a Call Request valid?

Advisors have 72 hours to reply to a call request. After this period they will be cancelled automatically and will no longer be visible in your account.

How does MENA Council generate revenues?

The MENA Council platform charges 19% service charge on all calls arranged with Advisors through the site. This charge includes the cost of the teleconference platform and other services provided by MENA Council. Premium Clients pay a subscription fee to access Premium Client services.